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Sakaki Yuya

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I love this motherfucker.

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Since writing zexal related AUs/headcanons helps me deal with stress and finals week is coming up If you like or reblog this post I’ll look at your blog and leave an AU or headcanon in your askbox

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The big badass guide to finding Arc-V episodes


also see Zexal version

Japanese episodes:

Weekly raws: Zero-Raws, YGO (IRC: #yugioh!, Neo Ark Cradle, Yami no Yami


ruSUBan (releases usually within a week of airdate, releases .ass files timed to Zero-Raws)

Neo Ark Cradle (torrents) (releases usually within a week of airdate, releases MKVs and .ass files)

Blue Moon Subs (releases on airdate (I think), releases .ass files timed to Zero-Raws)

MonoSubs (releases within 2 days of airdate, releases MKVs)

Streaming (subs if available, raws otherwise)

English episodes:


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Chapter Sixteen of A Temporary Fix has been posted.

"It is! This is about your cop boyfriend!"

"Don’t call him that!" Jack chased Crow across the room.

"But you’re blushing!" Crow jumped over a chair, then knocked it into Jack’s path.

Jack changed directions and growled, “I most certainly am not! Why would I blush over Kazama, I love Yu-“

Crow stopped and Jack ran into him. A door off the hallway had just opened and Yuusei looked out. “…What are you two doing? It sounded like a stampede out here.”